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Welcome to Verite Diversity Business Fund, your go-to source for all your financial needs. We are proud to offer lines of credit services to help businesses of all sizes and backgrounds thrive. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized and efficient financing solutions to support your business growth and success. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business reach new heights!

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Why Choose Our Team

A line of credit with Verite Diversity Business Fund is a great option for managing accounts receivable gaps, dealing with unexpected expenses, and trying out new opportunities. Flexible working capital allows you to draw cash into your business’s checking account at any time, only paying interest on what you draw. From financing a small business to a startup to your success-growing business, our fast business financing services will find the perfect credit solution for you.

About Our Lines Of Credit:

Our lines of credit services are tailored to meet the needs of all businesses, and our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support.


To qualify for a line of credit, your business needs to have been open for at least 1 year, bring in a gross annual revenue of over $100,000, and have a majority owner with a credit score of over 600.

Interest Rates

Interest rates for our lines of credit start as low as 13.99% APR. The line amount and rate of your APR are based on Verite Diversity Business Fund’s assessment of your business. We take into account your personal credit score.

Repayment Options

For our lines of credit, we require fixed weekly payments that are deducted automatically from your business’s account. This is ideal for borrowers because there is no concern over missed due dates.


There is a $20 maintenance fee each month for our lines of credit. We waive this fee for 6 months if you draw over $5,000 within five days of opening your account. We do not assess fees for drawing money.

Verite Diversity Business Fund is here for all of your credit needs. Trust us to be the partner you need to take your business to the next level. Contact us today!

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