Term Loans

Up to $500,000 and annual interest rates as low as 9.99%

Short Term Loans | 3- 12 months

With 3-12 month terms, our short-term loans are the perfect way to get financing for projects that have a fast turn on investment. Ideal for everything from marketing your company and hiring seasonal employees to updating locations, short-term loans with Verite Diversity Business Fund may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our short-term loan rates start as low as 9% simple interest. Simple interest works by calculating the amount of interest you pay as a percentage of your loan amount, excluding fees. Simply interest is helpful because it allows you to see the total payback amount of your loan.

Long Term Loans | 15-36 months

With 15-36 month terms, the long-term loans offered by Verite Diversity Business Fund can help you to fund large projects that are paid back over a longer period of time. Whether your goal is to expand your business with new locations, purchase new equipment, or develop new products, a long-term loan can help you to achieve your goals.

Long-term loans have interest rates as low as 9.99% anually, which works by calculating your yearly interest percentage based on the average balance of your loan, excluding fees.